Michael Zigarelli


  • Ph.D. in Human Resource Management, Rutgers University
  • M.A. in Industrial and Labor Relations, Cornell University
  • B.A. in Economics and in History, Lafayette College
  • M.Div. candidate (1997-1999), Yale University, The Divinity School

Research, Teaching and Consulting Focus

  • Management and Leadership from a Christian Perspective
  • Organizational Performance
  • Negotiation and Persuasion
  • Faith-Based Education
  • Spiritual Formation and Character Development

Academic Positions

  • Professor of Leadership and Strategy, Department of Management and Business, Messiah College (2008 to present, Department Chair 2008-2011)
  • Endowed Chair and Associate Professor of Management, Charleston Southern University School of Business (2006 to 2008)
  • Dean, Regent University School of Business (2004 to 2006); Associate Professor of Management (1999 to 2006).
  • Assistant Professor of Management, Fairfield University School of Business (1994 to 1999).


  • Soccer Field, Mission Field: 100 coaches reveal how they play for something more (forthcoming 2016)
  • The Messiah Method: The seven disciplines of the winningest college soccer program in America, Xulon Press, 2011
  • Management By Proverbs: Scriptural wisdom for superior results. Xulon Press, 2008 (2nd edition; 1st edition published by Moody Press: Chicago IL, 1999. Also available in Mandarin, Korean and Portuguese).
  • Influencing Like Jesus: 15 Biblical principles of persuasion, B&H Publishing: Nashville TN, 2008. (Also available in Korean and Spanish).
  • The Minister’s MBA: Essential business tools for maximum ministry success (with George Babbes), Broadman & Holman: Nashville TN, 2006.
  • Freedom from Busyness: Biblical help for overloaded people. LifeWay Christian Resources: Nashville TN, 2006.
  • The Christian on Monday Morning: Essential readings for living your faith at work (Michael Zigarelli and Randolph Case, editors), PageFree Publishing: Otsego, MI, 2005.
  • Cultivating Christian Character: How to become the person God wants you to be and how to help others to do the same. Purposeful Design Publications / Association of Christian Schools International: Colorado Springs CO, 2005.
  • Ordinary People, Extraordinary Leaders: A landmark study of Christians in business and ministry: How they lead, where they stumble, what helps them succeed. Synergy Publishers: Gainesville FL, 2002.
  • Faith at Work: Overcoming the obstacles to being like Christ in the workplace. Moody Press: Chicago, IL, 2000. (Also available in Portuguese).
  • Christianity 9 to 5: Living your faith at work. Beacon Hill Press: Kansas City, MO, 1998. (Also available in Arabic)
  • Can They Do That? A guide to your rights on the job. Lexington Books: New York, NY, 1994.

Electronic Resources

  • Creator, Christianity9to5.org and its YouTube Channel (Christianity 9 to 5: Practical advice for the other six days)
  • Creator, Assess-Yourself.org: Assess Yourself is a web site that offers free and anonymous self-assessment tools for estimating one’s spiritual condition. Since its launch in 2001, more than 40,000 people worldwide have completed one or more of these assessments.
  • Learning Leadership Through Film (2014): A ten session study
  • The Christianity 9 to 5 Bible Study (2013): Ten 45 minute studies, intended for Sunday school or workplace small group discussion.
  • The LifePlan Workbook (2013): A step-by-step guide for identifying and pursuing vocational success.
  • Founder and Former Editor, FaithInTheWorkplace.com (now owned by TheHighCalling.org): This is the official “workplace” channel for ChristianityToday.com.

Academic (Refereed) Articles

  • Duncan, J.B. and M. Zigarelli (2015) “Building a Strategy Map for a School of Business in a Christian University,” Christian Business Academy Review, Spring, pp. 77-84.
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Proceedings, Book Chapters, Book Reviews, and Non-Refereed Articles

  • Zigarelli, M. (2011) Book review of Good to Great in the Social Sectors by Jim Collins, Journal of Biblical Integration in Business.
  • Zigarelli, M. (1996) Book review of Broken Promise: The Subversion of U.S. Labor Policy, 1947-1994 by James A. Gross, Journal of Labor Research, Vol. 18, Number 1, pp. 187-88.
  • Zigarelli, M. (1995) “The American and Catholic Models of Worker Rights: A Comparison and Appraisal,” in Samuel M. Natale and Brian M. Rothschild, Editors, Work Values: Education, Organization, and Religious Concerns (Vol. II), Rodolfi Press, Amsterdam, pp. 73-87.
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  • Zigarelli, M. (1992) “Random Drug Testing in the Public Sector: The Legal Parameters,” Employee Relations Law Journal, Vol. 17, Number 3, pp. 459-471

Refereed Research Translations

  • Zigarelli, M. (1996) “Human Resources and the Bottom Line,” Academy of Management Executive, Vol. 10, Number 2, pp. 63-64
  • Cavanaugh, J.M. and M. Zigarelli (1995) “Drifting Toward the Segregated Workplace,” Academy of Management Executive, Vol. 9, Number 3, pp. 78-79

Magazine Articles

  • The End of Christian Education?” The Christian Post, August 2014
  • State Versus Faith: What’s at Stake in the Hobby Lobby case?” Foxnews.com, June 2014
  • “Public Display: Are You Different in Public Than in Private?” HomeLife Magazine, July 2009, pp. 16-17.
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  • “How to Measure Character in Your Applicants,” Business Reform (May/June 2003)
  • “Management by Encouragement,” Leadership Wired (Injoy: March 2003)
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  • “Encouraging Words” Life@Work (November/December 2000)
  • “Fight for Your Rights?” Moody Magazine (September 2000)
  • “Business by the Book Pays Off,” New Man Magazine (March/April 2000)

Other Practitioner Articles and Case Studies 

Selected Articles

Video Case Studies

Selected Talks

  • Atlanta, GA (LifeWay International): Freedom from Busyness
  • Charleston, SC (LifeWorks): Overcoming Overload; Influencing Like Jesus in Business
  • Charleston (CSU Board of Visitors): Faith Integration in Business School
  • Easton, PA (Legatus): Influencing Like Jesus in the Workplace
  • Harrisburg, PA (Messiah College Business Alumni): Designing a Christian Business Program
  • Indianapolis, IN (Christian Business Leaders Association): Pride and Humility in Management
  • Londrina, Brazil (South American Theological Seminary): Faithful Leadership
  • Miami, FL (LifeWay Espanol): Influencing Like Jesus for Hispanics
  • Nashville, TN (LifeWay Management Retreat): The Power of Simplicity
  • North Charleston, SC (Northwood Assembly Church): Beating Busyness
  • Orlando, FL (Association of Business Administrators of Christian Colleges): Influencing Like Jesus on Campus
  • Oxford, England (Oxford University, St. Catherine’s College): Comparing the American and Catholic Models of Employee Rights
  • Virginia Beach, VA (Regent University): Faith in the Workplace
  • Wheaton, IL (Wheaton College): A Christian Approach to Making Business Decisions

Private and Public Sector Work Experience

  • Epiphany Resources, LLC (founder and owner), 1994 to present: Management consulting for Christian schools and churches
  • American Telephone and Telegraph, 1990-1991, Researcher, Selection and Testing Group, Morristown, NJ
  • National Labor Relations Board, 1988-1989, Field Examiner, Newark, NJ