Issue 53


The Hobby Lobby Case
In March, the U.S. Supreme Court will hear a landmark case, Sebelius v. Hobby Lobby Stores. Here is a text and video overview of the case and its implications.Related video: Conestoga Wood Specialties v Sebelius, a similar case out of Pennsylvania that will also be decided by the Supreme Court.

State Versus Faith: What’s at Stake in the Hobby Lobby Case 
If we live in a country where we can’t express our faith through our business, then we may someday live in a country where we can’t express our faith at all.

New Mexico Supreme Court: Photographers Can’t Refuse Gay Weddings
From Christianity Today, the story of Christian photographer Elaine Huguenin and her ongoing battle for religious freedom.

Court Rules That Colorado Bakery Can’t Refuse Wedding Cake to Same-Sex Couple
From The Christian Post, the story of Jack Phillips and his faith-based refusal to prepare wedding cakes for gay marriage ceremonies.

Video Case: How Gay-Friendly Should Your Workplace Be?
A Christian-owned-and-operated company wrestles with whether to interview an openly gay job candidate.

The FAQs: Religious Expression in the Workplace
What are your rights on the job? Some straight talk from the American Center for Law and Justice (simply click the “FAQs” tab).