Issue 46


Excellence as a Way of Life (video)
Excellence is not just a stepping stone to better results, it’s a virtue, a Christian calling–in our daily work, our relationships, our character and in every other area of our life.See also the related article: Reclaiming Excellence as a Christian Virtue

The Path to Peak Performance (video)
In this Harvard Business School interview, psychiatrist Edward Hallowell outlines the five steps necessary to excel at work, based on lessons from contemporary brain science.

The Theology of Excellence
The pursuit of excellence is rooted in the character of God says Andreas Kostenberger, Professor of New Testament and Biblical Theology at Wake Forest University. If you’re ready to dig deeper, study these two chapters from his book simply entitled “Excellence.”

How Excellence Happens: The Seven Disciplines of the Winningest College Soccer Program in America 
From 2000 to 2010, the Messiah College soccer program–the men’s team and women’s team combined–posted the best record in NCAA soccer. Seventeen Final Fours between them during this time, eleven national titles, unbeaten streaks measured not only in games, but in seasons.How do they do it? It comes down to seven disciplines, habits that have propelled these teams from decent to dynasty. They’re seven disciplines that can supercharge your team, too, whether you’re leading a sports program or a business or a school or a church or any other organization. This article shares the secrets.

TOOLKIT: Bain Management Tools and Trends 
One of the most useful management sites on the web. Plenty of free information about powerful  management and marketing tools, how they’re used and by whom. For no cost, this will take your game to another level.