Issue 44


The Power and Practice of Encouragement (video) 
If we can get in the habit of encouraging and affirming others, every relationship we have will improve. Here’s a practical, 10 minute video message from Michael Zigarelli about how to build people up, rather than tear them down. (See also: A 60 second illustration about encouragement, based on a true story.)

Encourage Six Times More Than You Criticize (video)
Our conversations average six criticisms to every one encouragement. Is reversing this ratio the key to improving our relationships at home, at work, and in our everyday lives? This is a 35 minute message from Jeff Henderson of North Point Community Church (Andy Stanley’s church) that’s worth every minute you can invest in it.

A Teambuilding Exercise in Encouragement
Are you looking for a way to build chemistry and energize your team? The ingenious approach of this third grade teacher paid dividends for a lifetime. It may for you as well.

Anson Dorrance on the Differences Between Leading Men and Women (video)
After coaching the University of North Carolina men’s soccer team, he coached their women’s soccer team to 21 national championships in 31 years. Anson Dorrance may not be a role model in every respect, but he does know a lot about leadership, and in particular, about the different approaches a leader should take to motivating men and women. In this video, Coach Dorrance talks about those differences, as well as his mistakes and successes along the way. (He offers some particularly interesting conclusions at time mark 31:30).

TOOLKIT: The YouVersion of the Bible 
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