Issue 57


Four Proofs in Four Minutes That Jesus is God (video, 4 minutes)
Christianity stands or falls on the premise that Jesus is God. So is he? Here’s how to make the case in under five minutes.
  • Digging deeper: The Case for Jesus (video, 55 minutes) J.P. Moreland, Professor of Philosophy at the Talbot School of Theology and a leading Christian apologist, offers a careful, scholarly defense of Jesus as God. Take some good notes because there’s a lot of terrific stuff here. See more of Professor Moreland’s resources at his website.

Defending the Reliability of the Bible (video, 39 minutes)
With wit and wisdom, Pastor Bruxy Cavey of The Meeting House church shares a step-by-step argument for the reliability and the inspiration of scripture, encouraging everyone to “run the ramp of reason before taking that leap of faith” (time mark 10:35). His humorous and gregarious style makes this perfect for passing along to people who might never set foot in a church.
  • Digging deeper: “Can We Still Believe the Bible?” Professor Craig Blomberg, perhaps the world’s leading authority on the reliability of scripture, explores six fundamental questions about the Bible in his new, widely-acclaimed book. Can We Still Believe the Bible (Brazos Press / Baker). Here is the Introduction and Chapter 1, “Aren’t the copies of the Bible hopelessly corrupt?”

Classic Proofs for the Existence of God
They go by fancy names like the ontological argument, the cosmological argument, the teleological argument and others, but this primer explains them in plain English so we can do the same.

Take a Non-Adversarial Approach to Sharing the Gospel (video, 5 minutes)
In this cogent reminder, world-renown apologist Ravi Zacharias implores us to think through our communication strategy long before we open our mouths. Or, as he so eloquently puts it at time mark 2:05, “The Christian has to learn that it is not only his or her message but his or her method” that affects what people think of Jesus.

Practical Articles for Sharing Your Faith (from the 9 to 5 library)

The Legal Implications of Witnessing at Work
The questions come up regularly among Christians and those who employ them. Many Christian business owners wrestle with the issue as well. What rights do people have to share the Good News of the Gospel at work, as an employee or as an employer? The parameters of U.S. law might surprise you.