9 to 5 Editorials

9-0. Can we please take religious freedom seriously now?

If you try to cancel God, this Supreme Court will say “thou shalt not.” All nine of them, apparently. And the implications for religious liberty are simply profound.

“Narrow” win for Christian baker has broad implications for religious liberty

Masterpiece Cakeshop was supposed to complete the triumvirate. In 1962, it was public education. In 2015, marriage. 2018 was poised to be the year the Supreme Court banished God from the workplace as well. But instead, religious liberty triumphed mightily in this case.

The End of Christian Education (also published in The Christian Post)

President Obama recently signed an executive order making it illegal for federal contractors to discriminate against gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender employees. Sounds innocuous enough, but an unintended consequence may be the closing of Christian colleges and schools.

State Versus Faith: What’s at Stake in the Hobby Lobby Case (also published on FoxNews.com)

If we live in a country where we can’t express our faith through our business, then we may someday live in a country where we can’t express our faith at all.

Dictators Masquerading as Christian Leaders  (also published in Christian Professional)

It’s a dirty little secret in Christendom, but it’s becoming more and more public. There are some Christian leaders who are veritable ogres. And it’s nothing short of scandalous.

Decoding The Apprentice (also published in Christian Management Report)

The Apprentice is just a TV show, right? Just another one of those insipid, gimmicky attempts by Hollywood to win the ratings war. In reality, though, this “reality show” can shape the reality of how people think about business and how they behave in organizations. Mere entertainment? We think not.

GM’s Hit-and-Run on Christian Employees Cannot Be Ignored  

General Motors has put the brakes on the establishment of a Christian employee group, while permitting several other affinity groups to be created. This is dangerous precedent for several reasons.

The “What Would Jesus Drive?” Campaign  

Would Jesus drive an SUV? A controversial ad campaign suggests that he wouldn’t – and that you shouldn’t either. Is this a legitimate interpretation of scripture or just more “eiseJesus”?

Leveraging Hollywood: If We Come, They Will Build It

This month marks the release of the big screen version of The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, a $200 million gamble by Disney that evangelicals will turn out in huge numbers to see another Christian-friendly film. We should ensure that the gamble pays off. Hollywood is willing to step to our side in the culture wars, but only if we make it profitable for them to do so.