Michael Zigarelli

Professor of Leadership and Strategy at Messiah University and the former Dean of the Regent University School of Business. Dr. Zigarelli’s research in the fields of management, leadership and practical theology has appeared in a number of scholarly journals and magazines, and he is the author of twelve books, including Christian-Owned Companies, Influencing Like Jesus, The Messiah Method and Management by Proverbs. His work has been translated into several languages.

Professor Zigarelli is also the creator of the Christianity 9 to 5 resource center and YouTube Channel, where more than 2 million viewers across 130 countries have accessed his instructional videos.

One of his great passions is coaching soccer, primarily young men in high school and college. His greater passion is his family. Michael and his wife Tara have been blessed with four children and decades of marriage.

You can reach Professor Zigarelli at mzigarelli@messiah.edu  For more information, please see his curriculum vitae.